In Nakhonsawan Provice parents marry their three year old son and daughter to prevent future bad luck!

It’s strange but true, after paying a 3 million Thai baht ($3,666 U.S. dollars) dowry comprised of cash and gold for his sister’s hand in marriage, three year old Petai Angdechawat walked down the aisle with his twin sister Pailin Angdechawat at a traditional Thai wedding ceremony held in their home last Saturday as their proud parents and smiling guests looked on.

Okay, even by Thai standards, this is kind of weird. Has the world gone mad or is there some sort of story behind this most unusual occurrence?

I’m glad you asked because according to Thai lore, it is thought that twin babies of the opposite sex, i.e. brother and sister, were lovers in a past life. But for reasons unknown to us, they were sadly prevented from being united as husband and wife in their previous lives.

However, the Thai culture believes that unlucky in love couples are always reborn as twins.

That’s because God or Buddha or whoever is in charge of these things in the afterlife took pity on their unrequited love. When this happens the star crossed lovers are given a second chance in another life.

Thai customs and superstitions dictate that the reborn lovers, now in the form of twins and brother and sister, get married at a very young age. This must be done to thank the Gods, and or spirits, for being thoughtful enough to reunite them. If this is not done in a timely fashion, the Gods or spirits may become spiteful and cause the children to die at a young age.

Therefore the wedding is purely ceremonial. It is only done to appease the sprits and to ensure that the twins have a long and fruitful life as brother and sister, not as husband and wife.


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