Tour guide returns over $2000 in cash found at Bangkok Airport

A female tour guide has been receiving widespread praise online after she returned $2,074 (69,000 baht) in cash she found at Suvarnabhumi Airport to its rightful owner.

Watcharee Warahkitcharoen, 27, gave the money back to Kampol Kuakulritthiwong, 57, and a meeting set up at the Sor Wor Por FM 91 radio station.

Watcharee said she found an envelope in the fourth floor departure lounge of the airport on October 20, at around 6:30pm inside was a little over $2,000 in various denominations.

Watcharee said she asked for help from the radio station to locate the owner on October 21.

She said that she had once lost a large sum of money and knew how painful the experience could be.

Kampol said that he gave the envelope to his daughter for safe keeping but it must have fallen out of her bag.

A police report was filed once the man realised that the envelope was missing and CCTV was checked at the airport.

The grateful Kampol presented Watcharee with a gift basket for returning the money.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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