Thailand’s Prime Minister has announced plans to boost tourism in 55 cities across the country as he tells agencies to encourage people from Thailand and overseas to visit outlying areas.

The promotion of other cities by Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and the tourism agencies, will be welcomed by many and seen as a possible financial boost to many businesses.

Government Spokesperson Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said “Today the prime minister has praised the period TV series “Love Destiny” for boosting tourism and triggering Thai citizens’ curiosity in their culture and history.”


As a result of the TV show, many historic locations are now seeing an increase in tourism as people aim to visit ancient places that may otherwise have been off the radar for many. The wearing of traditional costumes during Songkran is also being pushed in a drive to attract people, who will possibly see another side to the Thai culture.

Fifty-five cities have been target by various agencies in a bid to promote the nation’s cultural history within each community.

The country’s leader has asked that the people from each city help by working closely with the various agencies to bolster their own individual area, attracting more people to visit in the process.

Let us hope that the scheme is a success over coming years and that businesses see in an increase in income as a result of the work being carried out.

Source : NNT

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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