E-cigarettes popularly called vape has taken over most part of the world but for Thailand it’s a strict ‘No No’.

Thailand had banned the use of vape way back in October 2014 and anyone vaping or bring it in the country will be imprisoned for 10 years, but is seems most tourists are oblivious of this law.

Pat Waterton, a U.K based travel agent says that though the law is loud and clear but most tourists are unaware of it.


He further mentions that while selling Thailand tourism packages to customers, he will surely alert them with this law to avoid harassment and keep their vacation sound and happy.

And this is what every travel agent ought to do for their customer to save them from ruining their holiday.

The UK Foreign Office makes sure that this message is reached out to every traveler- not to bring vaporisers – like e-cigarettes – or refills into Thailand.

Source : Thethaiger

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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