Tourists coming to Thailand next year will have access to a free interactive mobile app to help them while vacationing here in the kingdom.

In a joint effort from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy they plan to launch the app in the early part of next year.

As part of the governments continuing effort to improve tourism here in the kingdom the mobile app will aim to promote tourist activities.

The app will be free to download and use and will combine information from multiple agencies, which will include information from the Immigration Bureau, online booking sites, help planning journeys with traffic and travel updates, digital tour guide, and the location of popular tourist attractions and landmarks.

The app is said to be designed to attract more “quality tourists” to the Kingdom with the expectation they will then in turn spend more time and money here in Thailand.

Currently tourists from China are the largest group of travellers coming to Thailand who on average also spend the most money during their stay according to recent figures.

Source: ThailandNews

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