Officials in Phetchaburi’s Muang district have issued a warning to tourists not to go swimming in the rain at Chao Samran beach due to the threat of poisonous jellyfish

They also advised people to be extra cautious even when it’s not raining as jellyfish are common in the area during this part of the year.

Some of the jellyfish are harmless but there are have been several poisonous species spotted in the area such as the box jellyfish and the fire jellyfish.

Tourists warned not to swim in the rain because of jellyfish

The municipal mayor announced that they had cordoned off an area of water with a net to try and prevent jellyfish from entering so tourists could go swimming.

Vinegar has also been placed at several spots along the beach should anyone be stung.

Tourists warned not to swim in the rain because of jellyfish

He said so far this season a total of ten people had been stung by jellyfish but none of them were serious injuries.

Duangtip U-ngoen, a marine scientist identified two poisonous species in the sea off Chao Samran beach the box and fire species.

She noted that the box jellyfish is the most dangerous as a sting is capable of causing death or unconsciousness.

Jellyfish are common in the area at this time as a result of fresh water being carried into the sea which bring nutrients that causes plankton to grow which is food for jellyfish.

A decline in the population of sea turtles has also been attributed to a rise in jellyfish.

Source : ThaiPBS

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