Traffic police in Bangkok left red faced after failing road rules quiz

370 traffic officers in Bangkok which is roughly 10 percent of the force recently failed a test designed to assess the competence in road rules in the kingdom.

As a result all who failed have been banned from issuing tickets until they improve.

Approximately 370 officers failed the 50 question test that was issued on August 27, according to Jirapat Phumjit, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police department.

Traffic police in Bangkok left red faced after failing road rules quiz

He said the test covered both general Thai laws as well as questions on Motor Vehicles and Land Transportation acts, according to some reports officers who missed out some questions tended to do so on more recently issued traffic regulations.

Officers were informed of the test ahead of time as it was issued to make sure officers were maintaining standard operating procedures.

Even though some officers failed the test a spokesman for the police force said there is no need for the public to be alarmed as many of the officers tested scored 100 percent.

Officers who failed will now need to re-take the test, until they pass they will not be allowed to write tickets.

Source : Bangkokpost

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