Train services hindered by a large stork

After the BTS Skytrain breakdown, this time it’s the large stork that added to the problems of the people.

On Tuesday at around 10 pm, a white stork flying, collided with the front window of a train. The train which had just departed the Suvarnabhumi Airport came in contact with a flying stork. The thud shattered the train’s windshield which was headed towards the Ban Thap Chang station.

Train services hindered by a large stork
Train services hindered by a large stork

The whereabouts of the stork are yet unknown as these stork falls under the protected species category and not a regular sight in Bangkok.

The sad incident took away the life of the stork though none of the crew members were hurt due to the protective double-layered glass.

Officials hope to replace the windshield latest by Friday and all services should resume from Saturday morning again.

Source : Coconuts

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