Travel agents warn customers of Thai e-cig import ban

British travel agents have been advised to warn their customers about the Thai law that forbids e-cigarettes from being brought into Thailand

The UK travel website Travelweekly quoted the manager of Langley Travel as saying she was not aware of the forbidden nature of e-cigarettes in Thailand and was only made aware after her nephew had to pay a £125 (5,500 baht) fine when being caught with one in Bangkok.

A warning on the UK Foreign Office website states that these objects will likely be confiscated and the owner could face a fine or imprisonment up to 10 years.

A spokesman for Thailand’s Tourism Authority echoed the advice from the UK’s website advising tourists not to bring the forbidden objects into the country.

Travel agents warn customers of Thai e-cig import ban

The manager of Langley Travel said she would now advise all customers looking at traveling to Thailand not to bring the electronic devises on holiday with them and feels all travel agents should do the same.

Other travel providers told the UK website they will now notify customers about the Thai law as the last thing they want is their customers getting fined or possibly imprisoned.

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