Fed up of paying monthly fees/subscriptions for TV? Check out the latest offering from TrueVisions.

Now you can get a True TV Box, which provides a range of high definition TV channels without the need for a satellite dish plus there is no requirement to enter into monthly contracts or payments.
Of course you cannot expect a service like this for free right? Of course not.
But make a payment of 2,900 baht and you can receive a True TV Box to enjoy hundreds of football matches from around the world including the English Premiership. Add to this, the numerous movies available and you have an exceptional offer from TrueVisions. Just purchase the box and you will obtain all this for free for six months.

TrueVisions are focusing on broadband users in the Kingdom who have speeds of at least 15 MPBS. The service is transmitted over the Internet connection thus removing the need for a satellite dish.

With over 80 TV channels including Live and On Demand offerings available, this could be a great seller for the company and of course an asset to the end user.


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