Tuk Tuk Sex Couple Only Dancing

A couple of days ago, Love Pattaya reported the story of a randy couple having sex in the back of a tuk tuk.

However, the pair, both Russian nationals, have convinced Phuket police they were dancing and not participating in “boom boom”.

The couple were taken into custody and questioned, when a Facebook user posted a video showing what looks like the couple having sex in the back of the tuk tuk.

The uploader, Sornchai Uadsree, claims they were indeed having it off.

But investigators tracked the driver of the tuk tuk who informed them that the couple were drunk and dancing to loud music. He claims sexual intercourse did not occur, although the women had her boobs out.

It is unclear how the driver could possible know this, whilst maintaining concentration on the road ahead.

Initially the pair refused to admit they has done anything wrong but finally agreed to pay a 500 baht fine for public indecency offences.

Police accepted their apology and followed up by stating that tourists should be respectful of Thailand’s traditions and culture.

Source : Stickboybangkok

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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