drag queens

A television show featuring drag queens, including an artist known as Pan Pan, hopes to bring acceptance, not only in Thailand but globally, for the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT) artists, who perform on stage and television.

At present, most LBGT acts are restricted to nightclubs and small venues but with this new national TV show, things may soon change.

Thailand, despite its mainly Buddhist religious society, is very tolerant and welcomes anyone irrespective of their gender, sexuality or anything else you care to mention. The tourist authority promote this care free attitude and with the nation having so many ladyboys, more or less everyone is accepted in Thailand.

drag queens

Pan Pan says “We make fun of everybody. If you feel offended, you know where the door is.”

This is typical of the relaxed attitude of this wonderful country, where no one cares who or what you are.

Pan Pan is a co-host on the new “Drag Race Thailand” show, which began life in the USA as “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. The show sees drag queens go head to head in a variety of challenges, with prizes being offered to the best and a crown to the overall winner.

Following this format, the Thai version offers contestants the chance to walk away with a whopping 500,000 baht cash prize. The show aired for the first time in February and Pan Pan believes it will help promote LBGT artists and people throughout the entertainment industry and of course life in general.

drag queens

The aim is to bring the drag queen acts out of the obscurity of the clubs and bars, offering them prominent roles on television and in turn helping them become acceptable in a country that is already incredibly tolerant.

Many LGBT activists believe Thailand still has much to do to improve the equality for gender and sexual acceptability. They argue that same sex marriage is still not recognised as they push for equal rights for all.

We wish everyone involved with the show every success and a prosperous future to everyone, no matter what their gender or sexuality may be.

Source : Reuters

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