Undercover police arrested two people in a hotel in Chiang Mai on Monday night after they attempted to sell them wildcat skins

The perpetrators Rungroj Saenkhampuang, 28, and Thamolwan Promboot, 19, were arrested after undercover police set up a meeting to buy the illegal animal skins via a Facebook account they were using to advertise the sale of the furs.

Two Arrested Selling Wildcat Skins In Chiang Mai

They asked for 370,000 baht for eight pelts.

The man and woman intended to sell them five clouded leopard pelts, two leopard skins and an Asian golden cat pelt.

Officers said that the pair had allegedly attained the furs from Laos and as a result were charged with smuggling and trading the remains of protected wildlife.

Source : Bangkokpost

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