Two Chinese men were saved from a drowning at Patong Beach late on Saturday evening.

Former lifeguard for the Phuket Lifeguard Service Somprasong Saengchat spoke to Phuket News on October 23 and said that volunteer lifeguards and jet-ski operators plucked the two men from the water at 7:30pm on Saturday.

Somprasong said that he and other volunteers finished their shift at the beach at 6:30 but had remain behind talking for some time and were on hand when the incident happened.

He said jet-ski operators informed them that two men had been pulled out to sea by the strong current.

When he and other volunteers made it to the beach jet-ski operators were bringing the two Chinese men back to shore.

Somprasong noted that it was lucky the Jet-ski operators were still at the beach.

Once the two men were back on land the volunteer lifeguards administered CPR, the men were reportedly in and out of consciousness and in shock.

Somprasong estimated that the two men were in their thirties and both were sent to Patong Hospital where they spent the night and have apparently recovered from their ordeal.

Source: PhuketNews

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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