Two-day alcohol ban this weekend for Buddhist holidays

Bars and restaurants across Thailand will be prohibited from selling alcohol on Saturday and Sunday (8 thand 9 th July) as the nation celebrates the Buddhist holidays Asarnha Bucha day and Khao Phansa.

Khao Phansa (Buddhist lent) and Asarnha Bucha Day were made “National No Alcohol days” by order back in 2009.

As the holiday’s fall on a weekend Monday will also be a public holiday where although the sale ofalcohol will once again be allowed many offices and business will still remain closed.

The announcement was made in 2015 by the Prime Minister’s Office banning the sale of alcohol on five specific Buddhist holidays, Visakha Bucha, Makha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha Day, Khao Pansa and Wan Org Pansa Day.

To commemorate the day Buddhists attend evening candlelit processions across the nation, which visitors are welcome to join.

Source : The Phuket news

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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