Wildlife officials at the Khao Yai National Park are on alert equipped with medical supplies encase more of the parks male elephants decide to come to blows over female elephants and territory after two large bull elephants were reported to have been seen fighting yesterday morning.

Park officials said two elephants named Plai Duan and Plai Sa-ard ended up fighting over a female at around 7am yesterday morning and the fight went on until early afternoon, taking place in the Pong Thung Kwang area.

There was no winner in this fight Plai Duan was left with a nasty gash above his left eye and Plai Sa-ard came off even worse somehow losing one of his tusks, which park officials noted was very rare.

Two elephants come to blows in National Park, one loses a tuck!

Park officials and veterinarians could do little but watch the pair from afar and once the fracas was over collected Plai Sa-ard’s tucks which reportedly weighed 9.5-kilograms and sent it to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

Two elephants come to blows in National Park, one loses a tuck!

One veterinarian present at the fight, Pattarapol Manee-on took to Facebook to post pictures of the duelling pachyderms, warning that more fights were likely to happen as the animals compete for the best grazing territory and females.

Source : The Nation

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