Officers have charged two men with fraud after a complaint was made that the pair obtained money from a Syrian man falsely claiming that they could get the man’s son released from prison after he had overstayed his visa

The Metropolitan police commissioner named the pair arrested as Kazan Wakew, 27 a Syrian national and a man known only as Basel who is believed to be Lebanese, a third man believed to have been involved Islam Ahmed, 32, from Egypt has so far evaded authorities.

Two foreigners charged with fraud after making false promises

The father of the detained Syrian man Alhalabi Mohammad made the complaint with the Justice Ministry alleging that the three individuals extorted 655,000 baht from him promising him the release of his son.

The three men said that they were volunteers for the Lumpini police department.

Two foreigners charged with fraud after making false promises

The commissioner said that the two men denied extortion claims and said that the grievance is a result of both Islam and the man’s son who are both married, had both become infatuated with another woman.

Islam also accused the man’s son of being involved with drugs here in Thailand though no evidence was found to substantiate this claim.

Alhalabi who previously ran a barbers shop in Soi Nana for four years thanked the Thai police for their quick action against those who were tarnishing the reputation of the Thai authorities. 

Source : Thenation

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