An accident in Baan Lipon, which could have resulted in two fatalities had a happier ending.

When police arrived at the scene of what looked like total carnage, they were surprised to discover that the two occupants had already pulled themselves free from the wreckage of a Toyota Vios.

Their escape was not short of miraculous, for the vehicle came to rest on its roof.

Thitipan Saisawad, 22, who was driving along with Suriyu Ratthanarak, 21, were fortunate to escape with their lives.

The driver sustained injuries to his right arm and one of his legs, with the passenger, suffering minor wounds.

Both were treated at the Vachira Hospital in Phuket Town.

The accident appears to have been caused as they headed home and a bus pulled out in front of them. The Vios swerved but flipped onto its roof hitting a pole before coming to rest.

Both occupants were wearing seatbelts, which is probably the reason they lived to tell the tale.


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