Udon Thani Airport tells public not to set off bamboo rockets

Officials from Udon Thani International Airport released a statement today asking for the public to remember the rules around setting off Isaan style traditional bamboo rockets in areas around the airports so as to not affect aircraft using the airport.

The airports director Kittichai Sajjalak said he was fearful as many as 19 flights in and out of the airport could be affected if people do not abide by the rules imposed on the fireworks by the province in 2017.

Kittichai said people could be tempted to let off the bung fai bamboo rockets during the middle to end of April but reminded people that areas around the airport including Muang, Warin Chamrab and Don Mod Daeng were forbidden to do so by law.

Udon Thani Airport tells public not to set off bamboo rockets

People are able to let off fireworks if they first ask for permission from the provincial administration.

Under the new laws imposed last year rockets are now to be no bigger than 10 centimeters in diameter and not travel to a height exceeding 1,250 meters so as to not affect aircraft.

The director noted that no more than 15 rockets should be set off each day.

Since the new laws came into force which require people to seek permission to let off fireworks the number of rockets fired has dropped significantly, in 2013 a total of 146 rockets were set off during the holiday period compared to 57 last year.

Source: The Nation

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