The unfortunate Long Tailed Macaque has been diagnosed with inflammation in his lung, many thought the reason he looked so big is because he was being overfed but it appears to be a lump that has caused the infection.

There are 23 different species of Macaques which can be found all over the world. They have a lifespan of twenty years and normally there diet includes seeds, leaves and tree bark.


Over three hundred Macaque can be found living in the district, many people would come and feed them and its starting to show as the majority of them are showing signs of obesity.

It is hard to control how much food they have each day but the president of the club would like to see people feed them less if they could as they are not short of food.

Fifteen kilograms is how much the Macaque weighs from Bang Khunthien District, usually they weigh between eight to ten kilograms.

Carrying the extra weight must put “Lung Ou-An” (Uncle Fatty) under some pain, he is having a health check and will be put on antibiotics, it is hoped he will be set free and healthy in a week or two.

Originally reported by:chiangraitimes


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