United Kingdom moving visa approvals from Bangkok to New Delhi

A press release was issued by the British Embassy here in Thailand Yesterday (January 19) that the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) visa approvals centre will move from Bangkok to New Delhi as of June 2018.

The decision to move the service is said to be part of UKVI’s continued efforts to modernise visa services and consolidate visa decision-making to large regional hubs.

In the release it stated that the current system for visa applications in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai would remain the same.

United Kingdom moving visa approvals from Bangkok to New Delhi

The release explained that by moving the operation to New Delhi it would allow for the use of new technology and also decisions on visa approvals or rejections would be independent from the county of application.

Brian Davidson, British Ambassador to Thailand stated that the number of Thai people applying for Visa’s to the United Kingdom continues to rise every year.

UKVI said they are committed to supporting those who wish to travel to the United Kingdom and will continue to strive to provide safe and secure visa decisions as well as excellent service and value for money for the UK taxpayer.

It is believed that people here in Thailand are not anticipated to experience any changes in visa standards.

The applications will continue to be made online with biometric data for the applications submitted at either the Bangkok or Chiang Mai visa application centres.

Source : The Nation

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