A detained Saudi 18 year old Rahaf Mohhammed al-Qunun remains barricaded in her room at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.

She has locked herself in her room to avoid being deported, as earlier today as she was supposed to leave on a 11.15 am flight back to Kuwait this morning.

Now she refuses to leave her room until she is allowed to meet with the UN refugee agency to claim her asylum.

Her Thai lawyers are attempting to stop the deportation of Rahaf to Kuwait, and has filed an injunction in the Thai criminal court.

The court has dismissed the request, and plan to continue with the deportations, Rahaf plans to appeal.

Thai immigration officials say they want her to return to her family in Kuwait, although Rahaf has taken to social media to explain that most likely only ‘punishment and death’ could await her there.

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Source: The Thaiger



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