Effective from May 1, the electricity and tap water fees will come under control as per the announcement by the Consumer Protection Board, prohibiting apartment owners and landlords from overcharging the utility fees.

This initiative is purely undertaken keeping the consumers safety in mind which prohibits the landlords and owners of the apartment to take advantage of their tenants by over charging them.

Under the law passed, apartment owners cannot charge their tenants will electricity and tap water rates above the set rates of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority n the case of Bangkok or the Provincial Electricity Authority in the case of other provinces.
On Wednesday, April 25, the deputy secretary-general of Office of Consumer Protection Board, Mr Pikanes Tapuang, has issued a warning against the owners of hostels, apartments or rented rooms stating a maximum fine of up to 100,000 baht and/or one-year imprisonment in case owners are found guilty of overcharging their tenants.


Mr Pikanes Tapuang further said that apart from above utility fees which will soon come under control, the landlords are only entitled to one month’s rental fee as advance and cannot demand damage guarantee in excess of one month’s rental fee.

The law further prohibits the owner to charge fee for the extension of tenancy contract and cannot trespass the tenants room in case of rental fee default or to discard the tenants’ personal possessions.

Now as per the rights of the tenants under the announcement by the Consumer Protection Board, in case of 12 months rental contract, a tenant can cancel the contract prior 30 days announcement. The owner is to instantly refund the amount charged for the damage guarantee. The land owner has the right to demand the difference from the tenant in case the damage caused by the tenant exceeds the amount of guarantee.

And similarly the owner must return the difference to the tenant in case the cost of the damage is less than the amount of guarantee.

Source : ThaiPBS

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