Vet Praised For Helping Dying Monitor Lizard

A vet has won the hearts of animal lovers for treating a monitor lizard, which was injured when it was hit by a vehicle. The poor creature was subsequently attacked by local residents and even bitten by other lizards before it was rescued.

Thaweesak Anansiriwatana, posted images of the paralysed reptile on his Facebook page, which has had thousands of views and shares.

Mr. Anansiriwatana, told how a good samaritan brought the injured creature to his Klong Luang vet hospital in the hope that he could help it. Without the help of the person and the kind hearted vet, the lizard would have faced certain death.

Vet Praised For Helping Dying Monitor LizardVet Praised For Helping Dying Monitor Lizard

With spinal injuries, there would have been little hope for the animal but with the help of the vet, it may survive its ordeal.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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