A GIANT monitor lizard scared the crap out of a young Thai man when he arrived back to his home from the pub on Sunday afternoon.

The 24-year-old, named Attanai Thaiyuanwong saw the massive lizard, which he claims was waiting for him and standing by the front door of his home in the Samutprakarn province ( Central Thailand ).

Attanai and the Lizard ( who has yet to be named ) had been spotted having a heated discussion in a local bar earlier that day. The lizard, had apparently been drinking all day and after hitting the Whiskey became quite aggressive towards Attanai, who was there minding his own business and looking for a quiet drink.

As the argument escalated fellow patrons became uneasy around the 10ft reptile and complained to the management who were quick to throw the intoxicated lizard out. Before he had a chance to tell his side of the story, the lizard, a little wobbly by this point was told to leave the bar and never come back!

Speaking with one of the customers from the bar that day and it turns out the lizard had been having an affair with poor old Attanai’s wife for the past 6 months and was in the bar that day mending a broken heart. Attanai’s wife told the lizard earlier that week that she could no longer see him and that she was trying to repair her broken marriage with Attanai.

Its thought that after being thrown out of the bar the lizard, quite angry and aggressive at this point slithered its way to Attanai’s house to have it out with him and his cheating wife.

Although Monitor lizards are very common in Southeast Asia, it is still a rare sighting for them to be seen drinking whiskey and being thrown out of bars in the middle of the afternoon.


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