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While using an ATM, one needs to be extra cautious!

The video which was supposedly shot last year has gone viral but surely needs more people to watch it.

The video shows “skimmers” being installed by fraudsters on Thailand ATM’s, which steals your debit and credit card information also recording the pin while you type.

Designed with such smartness, spotting these ‘’skimmers” is extremely difficult. A small camera is hidden inside a panel placed just above the keypad, which records your pin number while you enter the digits.

The skimmer is then placed over the card reader to record all information’s of the card and when a card is inserted in the card reader, unknown to the card holder, his/her card details are passed on to the fraudsters.

These fraudsters leave no room for mistakes and so attach a camera as small as a pinhead to the ATM to record the pin number. At times a false keyboard is also attached to the original keyboard which is exactly of the same fit of that of the keyboard to record all keystrokes entered.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to cover the keypad with one hand while entering the secret number to safeguard the camera from successfully recording the digits.

One should also physically check the card reader, the panel located above the screen and the keypad before using the ATM to withdraw money. In case, any of the listed items are found loose or unstable, one should refrain from using that particular ATM and also inform the police immediately for mass awareness.

Source : Thaivisa

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