Video: Aunties smash pick-up with weapons after owner blocks their driveway

Motorists in Bangkok might think twice about blocking access to people’s houses after two “aunties” went to town on a woman’s pick-up with an axe and metal pole after she parked blocking their driveway.

The incident was caught on camera and has quickly become the talk of the town and social media with police now involved and the two women now looking at having legal charges issued against them.

The incident happened in the Prawet district of Bangkok on Sunday and a video was quickly uploaded to social media showing the two women smashing up the white pick-up with their chosen weapons after honking at the pick-up for several minutes stuck on their drive.

The two women now identified as Rattanachat Sangyoktrakarn, 61, dubbed online as “the aunty with the pole” and Ranee Sangyoktrakarn, 57 “the aunty with the axe.”

A second video with the pair was posted online after the pick-up’s owner returned and was greeted with the sight of a severely damaged vehicles and two very angry auntie’s who set about making their feelings known to the owner Rachanikorn Lertwasana, 37.

The auntie with an axe said to Rachanikorn “if you had a conscience you would have known you couldn’t park here.”

When police arrived Rachanikorn told officers she had only parked in front of the house for 10 minutes while she shopped at a local market and believed the house to have been deserted.

Video: Aunties smash pick-up with weapons after owner blocks their driveway

After all the attention the two aunties held a press conference outside of their house where they claimed they had been trapped on their drive for 30 minutes as the car had been left in park meaning they could not push it out of the way, eventually they lost patience and decided to attack the pick-up with their chosen weapons.

They claimed this is not the first time such occurrences have happened stating that their family has had to deal with people blocking their drive for years.

Police have since fined the driver of the pick-up 500 baht for blocking the two auntie’s driveway and both aunties have been summoned to the police station on February 26 where they face charges of property damage and carrying weapons, police have said that the investigation is still ongoing.

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