A young Thai woman now faces legal action from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after she posted a video on Facebook baring her bum in an attempt to show of the effects of a skin whitening cream she was selling.

The post has sparked mixed opinions from the online community, the cream seen being used in the video was said to be Clear Dark body lotion and is registered as containing a skin whitening chemical which may alter a person’s skin tone.

The deputy secretary-general of the FDA Somchai Preechathaveekid said that the advertisement method might lead to misunderstanding.

Bare butt whitening cream video lands Thai woman in hot water

The woman seen in the footage Nitthakarn Nanthasutheepat has been called in for questioning regarding the video by the Consume Protection Police Division and samples of the cream have been sent to the FDA to be analysed.

Investigating officers noted that the product might already be illegal as the label does not have a full list of the products ingredients.

Bare butt whitening cream video lands Thai woman in hot water

Following being questioned Nitthakarn said she did not mean to be sexually provocative in her post and was merely attempting to show the effects of the product.

If convicted by the FDA for breaking the Cosmetics Act B.E 2558 she could face up to one year in prison and or a fine of 100,000 baht.

Source: Thai PBS

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