The Thai online community was once again set abuzz after a dash cam video was uploaded which appeared to show a drunk motorcyclist which from the footage people believe to be a police officer.

The apparent policeman was filmed zig zagging across the road heading to Bang Na in the nation’s capital.

In the footage the rider definitely appears to be driving erratically veering left then right and the following car notes the bikes number plate as 6276.

Video: "Drunk Cop" set social media abuzz after footage posted online
Video: "Drunk Cop" set social media abuzz after footage posted online

Many comments online either condemned the reckless driver’s decision to drive or wrote fearfully that they might not have made it home after seeing the clip.

The footage was apparently filmed on January 1 leading many to speculate the rider might have been out drinking to celebrate the New Year.

There was no official report that the rider of the bike was a police officer and it is only speculation online at this time.

It was also reported by several news providers that the footage might actually be old news dragged up to embarrass the police during their “seven deadly days of New Year” road safety campaign.

Source:  Penkhao

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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