The chief of police in Nong Khai had some explaining to do after a video he himself took showing an officer under his command drunk while on duty somehow ended up online.

Chief Phaisan Leusomboon said he was attempting to use his radio to contact another officer at the weekend but couldn’t connect.

He said he was worried that the equipment appeared not to be working and headed to the radio operations room at the station where he found one of his officers highly intoxicated to the point he could barely stand and not wearing his uniform.

Chief Phaisan ordered the officer to submit to a breath test.

The officer allegedly admitted to drinking whilst on duty and tests revealed he had 295 milligrams of alcohol in his blood.

Chief Phaisan said that the officer will be placed on sentry duty for one month as a result of the incident.

He noted that the footage he filmed of the officer was never intended to be made public, stating he took the video to show other station chiefs as a reminder to make sure their officers are not drunk at work.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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