Comments were rife online after a video was shared which allegedly appears to show a foreign woman being possessed by a goddess in connection to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival held last week in Phuket.

The video shows the still unidentified woman moving her head with her eyes closed at the Put Cho Chinese Shrine in Phuket last Saturday evening, the site has led many Thai citizens to speculate that the woman must have been possessed.

No mention was made on the Facebook page as to the woman’s identity or nationality.
The uploader of the video Suthicha Suthakon spoke with local media stating that she filmed the woman’s bizarre actions at 11pm when people gathered to send the Phuket Vegetarian gods back to the heavens, which also marks the end of the festival.

She said she has seen people possessed by the gods before but noted it was rare for the gods choose a foreign person.

What’s your opinion of the footage is the woman possessed by a god or perhaps just mulling over the lyrics to her favourite song in her head?

Source: coconut

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


  1. Possession by spirits is not uncommon. To call them Gods is an exaggeration though. We live right next to other dimensions with powerful spirits able to take control if we let them


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