Police in the nation’s capital have reported arrest a French national yesterday who allegedly stole $10,170 (330,000 baht) from an Egyptian tourist whilst at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on Saturday night.

Officers took the man into custody and identified him as Rehalia Toufik, 33, who was arrested at 3am when officers found $9,200 in his possession which the man initially claimed belonged to him.

The arrest was the result of a complaint lodged by Suvarnabhumi Airport Police by Mohammed Gaber Ahmed Ahamed Ibrahim who stated that he had accidently left the bag containing the substantial sum of money whilst purchasing a SIM-card from a shop in the airport on the second floor.

French national arrested for stealing over $10,000 at Bangkok airport

Upon realising his error he rushed back but discovered the cash inside the bag had been taken.

Following the complaint officers used CCTV to determine Toufik was their suspect and later arrested him at his hotel.

Along with the money taken as evidence arresting officers also discovered the red shirt the suspect was seen wearing in CCTV footage at the time the money went missing.

Police have since announced that Toufik has confessed to taking the money from the Egyptian tourist’s bag.

Source : The Nation

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