Video footage of a horrific accident which happened at the weekend at an intersection in Nong Bua Lamphu has been widely shared and commented on social media.

The footage shows a nurse sitting at the traffic lights before she is careered into from behind by a speeding Nissan whose driver alleged that the brakes failed, the woman on the motorbike was propelled some 30 meters down the road and reportedly miraculously survived.

In the footage a large crowd of people can be seen rushing to the scene, however no one seems to be attempting to aid the victim with many assuming that she must have died.

Video: Horrific accident propels woman some 30 meters down the road

It was reported by Daily News however that the victim on the motorcycle identified as Patchanok Poynork, 23, did survive the accident and was taken by medical personnel to the Nog Bua Lamphu hospital before later being transferred to a hospital in Udon.

Video: Horrific accident propels woman some 30 meters down the road

The driver of the Nissan 38-year-old Wannapatsorn Lakun told officers that she hit the brakes but they didn’t work.

Officers have since charged her with negligent driving causing injury.

Many people commented online that the woman’s story about the brakes not working didn’t quite add up as you can hear the car’s brakes lock-up prior to the accident.

Source: Daily News

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  1. Any money she wasn’t looking on phone or something that was last second braking glad lady survived but no one went to see how lady was surly check see if still live


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