Many people come to Thailand believing their current driving licence will suffice when using the roads of the country but the reality is, it does not.

To assist expats, the British Embassy has released a video informing you, how to obtain a Thai driving licence.

Many people are unaware that you require a medical certificate before you can apply for a licence. You will also require your Passport if you are not a Thai national.

How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Thailand

Another requirement is proof of residency, such as a work permit or proof of residency.

If you have no foreign licence and took local lessons, make sure to take your certificate to prove you have completed the training.

How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Thailand

You then need to visit your local Department of Land Transport Office and no doubt be faced with huge queues. If you decide to go through the process on your own, expect to spend a day or two here.

You can of course make use of the services of a reputable agent, which costs more but the savings on time are worth the their fee.

How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Thailand

During your visit to the centre, you will undergo a few tests such as a reaction and a colour test. If you are an experience driver, these will pose no problems for you.

For new drivers, you will have to do a multiple choice and a practical driving test.

The process is much easier if you already have a UK licence but expect to endure horrendous queues if you elect not to use an agent.

Watch the video for further information.

Source: Thai Visa

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