It looks like a taxi-bike driver in Bangkok is in a little trouble after a video surfaced online showing both him and his bike covered in loads of flashing lights and now the director of the Department of Land Transport has said that he could lose his orange jacket as a result.

The video was uploaded to the “Chompoo” Facebook page showing the driver in all his light up glory in the Samut Songkram area of the capital.

Many commented online stating that they thought the driver looked “cool” but other questioned if his actions were either legal or safe stating that it might distract other drivers and cause accidents.

Video: Light-up taxi-bike driver could lose jacket after viral vid

The director of the DLT, Sukree Jarupoom did indeed confirm that the driver’s actions were breaking the law and that his actions could cause accidents by distracting others.

The bike driver now looks set to face a fine and or the possibility of losing his jacket and with it his livelihood.

Source: Daily News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. Again a top example of thai , let say, less educated way of dealing with new things or with the fake reality of being free.
    If i see the coaches , trucks , minivans and what more with disco lights , blue and red at the front , white , blue , and red at the back , lazers pointing everywhere with music sounding 500 meters away , then it should be very clear that this taxi motorbike driver is in need for the death penalty , or did he forget to pay the teamoney on the money spitting road blocks.
    I am also sure that this way of having lights around you will distract for sure the drivers who like to pass the red lights with no hestitaion , where police are standing and looking as it is normal. keep up like this thailand officials , it all going down the drain…………………………..


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