Posted by Supaporn Prempree on Friday, 1 June 2018

The closure on Maya Bay started this June and just within a few days, the place is hardly recognizable -tranquil emerald water, white sparkling sand and most importantly no tourist on the beach or no boats anchoring in the bay.

It’s the unique rock formation around the bay that makes the may recognizable.

Maya Bay, located on the Phi Phi Ley has been one of the most popular islands on Andaman waters. It has been attracting 4000 tourists a day for over a decade now. The island has been one of the favorite spots for tourists in Thailand for over 30 years now. But the real pump in the inflow of tourists came after the hit film of 2000, The Beach.


The bay had to be closed, first time 30 years, to allow natural restoration of the coral reef below and other organisms which are being repeatedly affected with the overwhelming number of the daily visitors.

Marine biologist, Thon Thamrongnawasawat, who is working on the restoration of the bay with the government, shared a video after the bay officially got closed. The site was quite different indeed.

Thong uploaded the video on Facebook saying, “The image that Thai people haven’t seen for decades — the day that Maya Bay doesn’t host boats, people, and chaos. Today at Maya Bay, you can only hear the sounds of waves, wind, birds … the whispers from the ocean that thanks us”

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