It might finally be time to do something with that loose change pot that’s been getting fuller and fuller with one baht coins.

A video has gone viral on social media showing how to use SCB new and rather handy coin deposit machines that have been installed in several banks in the capital and will soon be rolled out country wide.

Since the video was uploaded online earlier this week it has been viewed over 4 million times.

Video of SCB new coin sorting machine goes viral with over 4 million views

The clever coin sorting machine became the highlight of the Money Expo which took place here in Thailand last May and apparently the machines were discretely launched by SCB back in September.

Currently there are four machines in operation in the capital located at CentralWorld, Central Ladpraom Central Westgate and Mega Banga.

Video of SCB new coin sorting machine goes viral with over 4 million views

The video online shows Korakot Jinaya using the machine at the Central Westgate branch where he heaps mounds of coins into the machine which comes to almost 2,000 baht after the machine sorts and counts them all before depositing the sum into his bank account.

Currently the machine will accept one, two five and ten baht coins, the bronze satang coins aren’t accepted at present.

Speaking about using the machine Korakot said that the machine rejected a few older coins but on the whole he was very happy with the service.

Many commented online that the machines would save both bank staff and customers a lot of time especially for people who run businesses and accumulate a lot of coins.

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