Now we are sure most people will be able to admit everyone is capable of being a little absent minded at times…..

But for one woman from Loei her momentary confusion has left her both rather embarrassed and with a hefty bill on her hands after mixing up the brake and the accelerator in her new Honda Jazz resulting in her ploughing through the front of a cloths store.

The incident happened when 33-year-old Saithong Khamphrom was attempting to park her new motor at a petrol station.

She said she mixed up the cars two pedals and careered through the front of the cloths store sending merchandise and mannequins flying.

Video: Pedal mix up sends Thai woman crashing through cloths shop.

A customer shopping in the store at the time, Phairat Sihuatone, 47, said he had a narrow escape just managing to jump clear at the last minute.

Staff working at the 71 X-Pro store said they were waiting for the manager to come back to the store before beginning the process of financially assessing the damage to the shop and stock.

Unfortunately for the embarrassed driver there was a reporter from Thai Rath filling up his car at the PTT station in the Muang district at the time the incident occurred who was nice enough to take pictures of the incident.

Source: Thai Rath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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