Police and airport staff had a somewhat unusual situation to deal with at Phuket International Airport late on January 4 when they attempted to calm down a distraught naked man causing havoc inside the terminal.

A video of the man’s bizarre naked behaviour went viral prompting airport officials to release an official statement yesterday (January 7) as to what happened.

Officials stated that the naked man seen in the footage was a South Korean passenger who later told authorities that he had taken to many Viagra tablets, officials stressed that the man was not harmed during his arrest.

It was reported that the 27-year-old South Korean man who was travelling on an American passport removed all of his cloths whilst inside the international terminal while waiting to board a flight from Phuket to Incheon at around 11:30pm.

Airport officials received reports that the man was naked and distressed outside of the toilets at the airport and six security personnel and Saku Police officers quickly rushed to the scene and attempted to calm the man down.

It was reported that the naked man then proceeded to defecate on the floor and hurl his faeces at staff and other passengers as well as destroy airport property before he could be taken into custody.

Police arrest naked man at Phuket Airport, suspect blames erection drug

The statement released said that for the man’s safety and the safety of those around him officers had no choice but to arrest him.

After officers managed to calm the man down he told them that he had taken too many Viagra tablets and blacked out, he offered to pay for an damages caused.

He was arrested and taken to Saku Police station for further questioning and subsequently missed his flight to Incheon.

Following questioning officers sent the man to a local hospital for a full medical examination.

Source : The Nation

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