A Krabi policeman has ridden with a local big biker, chasing and shooting at a pick-up after a hit and run incident.

Ao Lueak Police Chief Col Kritsanat Wongklaharn in Krabi says, “At 10am we were notified from Phang Nga Police that a pickup truck had fled to Krabi after a hit and run in Phang Nga.”

“After that Ao Lueak Police in Krabi set up a checkpoint to stop the pickup truck. The pickup truck broke though the checkpoint at Na Nuea in Krabi on Petkasem Road.”

“A volunteer big bike rider who saw the incident asked police to jump on his Big Bike. They set off after the pickup truck with other police in tow.”

(Cue chase music)

“Police fired a shot at the pickup truck’s front wheel but the pickup truck kept going. Following a few more warning shots, police eventually stopped the pickup on Southern Seaboard Road in Krabi.”

“The 21 year old suspect Kietisak Srisaema, who sustained minor injuries in the incident, has been arrested. He came up ‘positive’ in a drug test. He told us that he had had an argument with his wife before the incident.”

“Kietisak was taken to Phang Nga Police Station where he has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs, driving with disregard for other people’s safety, driving through stop signs and reckless driving.”

Source: The Thaiger


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