Pictures and videos of a new remote Chiang Mai coffee shop which is located above a popular waterfall caused a stir online with many flocking to the coffee shop to take in the amazing views whilst chilling out on giant bean bags or lounging in hammocks.

However it wasn’t just customers that the video inspired to visit the premises after officials from the Royal Forest Department (RFD) decided to go along and inspect the business that only opened three weeks ago.

Following their visits RFD officials determined that parts of the coffee shop encroach onto Mae Rim Forest Reserve and therefore must be demolished according to reports that surfaced on Thursday.

Popular Chiang Mai waterfall café to be partially demolished

The coffee shop had advertised itself as having low price coffee’s with views worth millions of baht and in its short time since opening proved very popular with both Thai’s and tourists.

It was reported that the café’s owner Aranya Tarin was confused about what land she could build on and said that she would remove the offending parts of the café, it was noted that the café will now be made 80 square meters smaller to comply with RFD officials orders.

Popular Chiang Mai waterfall café to be partially demolished

The owner has recently found themselves in trouble with the RFD before for operating a zip line on Mae Rim Forest Reserve land which was previously shut down by RFD officials.

Aranya now faces charges over the zip line offence and for forest encroachment caused by building the coffee shop on reserve land where the fines could total up to 30,000 baht and or up to five years in prison.

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