A viral video of Thais pushing and shoving each other at a 7-Eleven store is the talk of social media in Thailand this week.

The cause of the commotion is the popular, but not so common ‘Glico’ ice creams imported from Japan. The customers didn’t even wait for the ice creams to be put in the freezer before grabbing what they could for their baskets.

Some online comments included likening the scene to a zombie movie with the hungry creatures having a glazed “must eat” look about them!

Some people also commented that the scene looked fake and that it was simply a marketing ploy inspired by the recent viral video of Chinese tourists shovelling shrimps onto their plates at a Chiang Mai buffet last month.

Glico ice creams are available at some larger super markets now, so maybe the cynics are right. Either way, it was the talk of the town!


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