Huge Snake caught in Thailand After eating Lizard

Wow, Look at the size of it, looks like he had a big lunch!!! 😲😲😲 More info:

Posted by Love Pattaya Thailand on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Snakes are fascinating creatures it never ceases to amaze us what they get up to or in this case what they have eaten.

Rescue workers from the Sawang Benjatham foundation were called to deal with a large python at a Samut Songkram house and after successfully capturing the enormous 4.5 meter, 20 kilogram snake were shocked by what the snake regurgitated in the back of their pick-up.

The snake had been hiding under some broken concrete in the back garden of the house and was less than happy at being disturbed in its new hiding spot where workers had to use sledgehammers to break the concrete to extract the feisty python.

The workers however weren’t put off by the angry snakes hisses and soon had it out to be weighed and measured before bundling it into the back of the pick-up, noting that it was sporting a rather ominous looking bulge.

On route to be released into the wild and with the footage still rolling the snake revealed what it had just dined on after regurgitating a 15 kilogram water monitor.

The owner of the house where the snake was spotted said that they often have water monitors behind the house but never dreamed a snake could eat one.

Source: Tnews

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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