Runaway suspension crane in Pathum Thani earlier today.*Warning: Graphic footage*

ThaiVisa - The Nation Thailand Newsさんの投稿 2017年3月23日(木)

A video is doing the rounds on the Internet showing a motorcycle rider narrowly escaping death or serious injury as a mobile crane suffers brake failure north of Bangkok.

CCTV captured the frightening moment as the rider is waiting at traffic lights in the Tiwanon area of Pathum Thani.


The crane can be seen changing direction as the driving attempts to avoid stationary cars. He is unable to bring the crane to halt, colliding with traffic lights as the driver of the motorbike tries to take evasive action, managing to escape the looming danger, although his bike is mangled beneath the crane.

The crane finally comes to a stop further down the street, thankfully with no fatalities.

Were you the motorcyclist or do you know who it is?

Let us know.


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