One golfer in Bangkok got a bit more than he bargained for when he reached the 14th hole at the Royal Golf and Country club last week.

Murray Darling from Scotland was out playing a round of golf when he happened across a snake about to eat its lunch, a large iguana whole and decided to film it for all to see.

The video shows the snake coiling itself around the lizard before attempting to eat it whole, head first.

Murray said “my golf was bad that day but I was having a better day than the poor lizard.”
At first Murray thought the snake was tangling with a small monitor lizard but came to the conclusion it was an iguana.

He said he watched the sight for roughly five minutes during which the snake was never in doubt of losing its lunch.

Murray said he was having a bad round of golf but managed to sink his put on that whole first time in an effort to swiftly move away and let the snake enjoy its meal.

It was reported that the snake in the footage was a Golden Tree Snake, while venomous there venom is not known to be dangerous to humans, still probably best not to mess around with any snake.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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