The National police chief was inspecting a police station on Sunday when he noticed a slightly larger than average man wondering around the area of which he was inspecting.

Chief Jakthip CHaijinda asked the rotund gentleman if he was a police officer, the man replied that he was an investigator on his day off so the chief decided to ask the man to perform some press-ups.

Video: Are Thai police "fit" for purpose - national chief finds out

The chief ordered the investigator to perform a series of exercises to make sure he was physically fit to carry out his job.

Luckily a thoughtful citizen was on hand to record the incident at the Pa Moke station in Ang Thong and upload it to social media where it has been widely shared generating a lot of light-hearted comments mostly at the rotund officer’s expense.

Source : Workpoint News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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