Thai police are on the lookout for the drivers two Honda Jazzes caught on video as they illegally raced down the highway only to spin out of control in the middle of the street — threatening the safety of other cars around them.

The clip went viral after Jaturong Ampronsuwanna published the dash-cam footage on his Facebook page.

“I would like to present the “Expressway Circuit” race that took place around 11:30am on Saturday,” Jaturong wrote.

“My kid, my wife and my friends are in the car. We’re lucky that an accident didn’t occur today… But you may not be so lucky next time… The road belongs to the public, not you guys,” he continued. (Editor: You tell’em, Jaturong!)

In the video, a white Honda Jazz (marketed in some countries as the Honda Fit) can be seen zooming past the right side of the dash-cam at a speed that appears at least twice as fast as the rest of the cars on the expressway.

A black Jazz then zooms past the left side of the camera before spinning out of control and suddenly stopping in the middle of the street.

A female passenger can be heard yelling “brake, brake, brake!” in the background as Jaturong’s car narrowly misses a nasty collision.

Though the original Facebook post appears to have been deleted since then, it’s already been shared by multiple other pages as well as local media, thus summoning the internet’s dark magic and drawing criticism from across the land.

“Please teach them to drive properly, not like this sh**. They’re going end up killing everyone on the road,” wrote one commenter.

“Their license plates are showing their moves [to the] cops,” wrote another.

This afternoon, Khaosod reported that the Department of Land Transportation had forwarded the two vehicles’ information to the police, who reportedly will issue a warrant summoning the drivers soon.

In Thailand, illegal racing is a crime, punishable by a fine of anywhere from THB2,000 (US$60) to THB10,000 (about US$300) and/or up to three years of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, one of the drivers sent Jaturong a message apologizing for his reckless behavior, according to Workpoint.

“I’m really sorry for driving so recklessly, nearly causing an accident. I also want to extend my apologies to your family,” they wrote.

“I won’t hold it against you. But please think of other people around you,” Jaturong replied.

Screenshot: Workpoint

Source: Coconuts


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