It was all praise for the Thai police online after the quick thinking of several officers saved a woman from serious injury or possibly death at a police station.

The three minute long clip which was uploaded to social media captured the moment a woman decided to climb out of the second floor of the Prakhonchai police station in Buriram.

A couple of officers spotted the woman and fearing she might fall or jump decided the best course of action was to grab some sofas and chairs and position under her in case she fell, which soon after she did.

Luckily for the woman she landed on one of the officers strategically placed sofas and soon after a team of medical personnel arrived to take her to hospital to make sure she had not sustained any injuries.

It was not reported why the woman had decided to climb outside of the station.

Comments on Facebook praised the officers for their ingenuity and quick thinking with one poster saying “the police were very clever, great.”

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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