Weather Report: Chance of Rain Inside the BTS

Bangkokians had to spend most of their four-day weekend indoor due to the rainstorm; unfortunately, some couldn’t even escape the rain inside the BTS trains.

You read that right. Bangkok’s skytrain didn’t only suffer from delays yesterday, but appeared to have a leakage problem in at least one carriage that saw rain pouring down inside.

User Mandee Suphachet shared a clip of the incident on Facebook yesterday, which has since gone viral and prompted plenty of eye rolls.

“Does the skytrain have a thatched roof or something?” one netizen asked in response.

As long-term Bangkok residents are aware, this is not the first time that the skytrain has had trouble shielding commuters from the rain.

When a similar incident happened two years ago, BTS brushed aside the issue, responding that while rainwaters had gotten into the carriage via the air-conditioning system, it hadn’t affected the train’s operation and was completely safe, Channel 7 reported at the time.

The leakage is the just latest problem of the Bangkok’s skytrain to make headlines. Last month, BTS had an issue with its signal transceiver, causing the trains to suffer from delays for several days. The massive interruptions during rush hour resulted in some people having to take days off from work.

Those delays also prompted us to take a look at some of ways the BTS should really have improved over the course of its existence by now.

Source : Coconuts


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