A rather unusual drama was captured on a car’s dash cam and has had the online community enthralled as it showed a man following who he alleges is a car thief who had just stolen his mother’s car around the streets of Bangkok.

The driver following the Nissan seen in the footage is under the impression he is pursuing a thief that has just stolen his mums car.

The footage takes viewers on a tour of Bangkok following the alleged thief down Rama V and Rachawithee during the chase, while the driver appears to be trying to contact the police while chasing after the car.

Eventually the Nissan comes to a stop and cautiously the pursuing party approaches the driver, apparently fearing the driver might be armed.

It turns out that the driver of the Nissan is apparently a friend of the pursuing driver’s father, however the following party told officers that the man had conned his mother out of her car.

The mother was not present when the incident occurred and was reportedly in Prachinburi at the time.

No report was made as to how the incident was resolved, if it was.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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